Getting an enclosure will enrich your cats life by fulfilling their need to be actively outside, jumping, playing and being a little crazy. All the while ensuring your peace of mind that they’ll come home safely, won’t harm native species and ensure they don’t hangout with the feral cats or worse become one. Show’em how much you love them by letting them prance freely as nature intended. They’ll love you for it!


The Story of Catworks

Hi it’s Rachael, and I’m here to tell you a story…

Once upon a time there was a boy named Tim who grew up on the Mornington Peninsula and lived the life of any normal child.

He loved to laugh, create and help others. 

He finished school and met a wise man named Ben who took him under his wing and taught him how to be a skilled carpenter. Together they created many amazing homes and renovations.

At first Tim didn’t know but after work, Ben became someone else, he was Catman and created enclosures for people’s beloved cats.

Ben saw that Tim was a talented young man and introduced him into the world of enclosure building where Tim developed his love of animals. Some time passed and Ben and Tim stayed friends however they went their separate ways, Ben deciding to be a stay at home Dad and Tim searching for his purpose. Tim tried building homes for large companies, scuba diving and salvaging ruined boats, being a guitarist in a band and lending his skills as a handy man, he excelled in all of these fields but nothing seemed to be his calling. Tim wanted a passion and career to call his own.

Ben heard about Tim’s search and he knew that it was time. He went to speak to Tim and bestow him with the title of Catman.

Tim was overjoyed, this was the path he was searching for and he along with his loving partner set out into the world to create enclosures for animals all across Melbourne.

Our Core Promise

The Catworks difference (Core Promise)

At Catworks we build enclosures but there is much more to us than that.
Each enclosure is its own sanctuary created specifically for its feline occupant boasting good
looks, high end materials, thought out design and quantity craftsmanship.
Our friendly team is here to help you every step of the way to ensure you love the end result,
but above all else that your cat is safe!
Your fur family is an extension of our fur family and we will always put their needs first,
they’re the reason we truly love what we do.

Types of Enclosures

Side Alley Enclosures

Full Back Yard

Rental & Bodycorp

Freestanding Enclosure

Playground Enclosures

Balcony Enclosure

Fence Bracket

Designer Series

Cat Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures for your furry friend!

Did you know that the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Strategy shows that there are up to 6.3 million feral cats within Australia?! This does not include roaming domestic cats. A domestic cat allowed to roam outdoors could add to that statistic if they can’t make their way home.

Let’s face it cats love to be outside! And who are we to deny them from experiencing the sun on their fur and the grass beneath their feet.

Unfortunately cats are currently threatening the survival of over 100 native species and have earned the bad name of being a ‘pest’ from following their instincts.

Your cat deserves to be outside, to feel the air and play but most of all to be safe and return to their loving family, warm bed not be labelled as a ‘pest’.

Getting an enclosure will protect the native species that are becoming endangered. Getting an enclosure will help Australia reduce the ‘feral’ cat population. Getting an enclosure is the cat lover’s solution

Make It Fun, Play Big


Up, down, around or over, tunnels act as a safety escort to get your cat from A to B.
With traction footing and complete visibility in and out, you can take your cat for a walk without even being present.

Play Equipment

Add a little fun to your enclosure!
Whether it’s a ledge to sunbake on, a lookout tower or a once off designer piece, we have a range of accessories to keep your cat comfortable and entertained. Check out our creations here that are guaranteed to add character, decadence and fun to your enclosure.


Snakes and dogs and rats,
oh my!
In some scenarios netting isn’t always enough to protect your pet outside, so for homes that are more at risk of furry, slithery or bitey intruders we offer extra safety accessories to re enforce your enclosure.

Fence Extensions

Lift your fence height and expand your options.
Fence extensions add height to short fences and create roomy enclosures with lots of head space and more opportunities for your cat to get up high and observe the world.


What Our CLient Say

Tim and the boys who work for him are amazing. They built my cat enclosure at my old house and now I have moved. They have made sure my cats are just as happy here as they were previously. The professionalism and care they all show is second to none
Kayleen Redman

Give them the Freedom to Play

ALL Your Payment Needs in one easy place

They say that love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug?

Here at Catworks we believe your love for your cat and keeping them safe is worth more than us getting money upfront which is why we offer interest free payment plans.

Our interest free payment plans are offered over 2,4,6 and 12 month periods via direct debit so you can set and forget and spend more time playing with your fur baby.